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I'm cross eyed searching the hundreds of posts re: group buys [never any pics nor specs], desired bullets, or individual purchases with too little info to be of specific assistance.

Many mould manuf. say their previous customer's designs are "in their catalog", but the contents haven't changed. I'm sure my 45-70-4xx design needs are not unique, I'd bet on it; however in my brief exposure to this addiction, I've formulated some design criteria that I'm sure would be a duplicate of others efforts & afford me some much desired user input of their results.

So, with that in mind, I'm listing here what I think I need, in the form a bullet. Pls. advise if you have something similar for my consideration, as I doubt my needs are unique to the world of .45-70's.

I'm new to the addiction of handcasting & reloading, but feel my Lyman mould # 457193 falls short of my needs in these respects"
1-It's front band, approx. .075" long, is too narrow to accommodate crimping the variety of case lengths specified by the SAAMI specs, i.e. 2.085"-2.105".
2-Its Meplat is too small (54% from the Lyman 457193 mould) for my hunting needs (deer & feral hogs in Wisconsin, USA), which will not extend past 200yds.
3-The nose 'base' dia. is approx .442" which is too small to properly guide/stabilize bullet entry into my bore.

Many seem to choose using a Gas Chk'd bullet design, but I'd rather skip that process & keep my velocities within the limitations of using Plain Base designs. I'm finding White Label tumble lube products work as advertised, so in keeping with its simplicity (two applications), I desire a "tumble lube" design for my new bullet.

Based upon my experience in the electric power industry, the optimal pressure drop in a steam turbines' rotating steam seal results from forcing the gas path to change 180 deg. from high pressure to the atmosphere. So theoretically this might translate to many narrow lube grooves, however bullet design seems to favor large bands within the case, to provide maximum stability whilst maintaining sufficient grooves for containing lube. From what I've seen in a bullet of my weight & size, 4 equally sized lube grooves & driving bands might be desirable.

My Marlin 1895GS rifle specs:
Rifle Barrel Length: 18.5"
Barrel twist: 1:20
Rifle Caliber: .45-70
Throat Length as slugged: .069” to beginning of throat taper.

Groove Dia.: .459"
Bore Dia.: .452"
With a case length of 2.083", the 'slug' shows rifling begins approx. .160" from the case mouth.
I've loaded & fired C.O.A.L. rounds of 2.0585" max. with success, so I feel I should consider this dimension regarding bullet design to minimize unnecessary "jump" into the rifling.
My ideas for an optimal bullet design, for my rifle:
Alloy: WW + 2% Tin
Desired bullet weight: approx. 425gr
As cast bullet dia.: .461”-.463”
Front Band dia.: .461”

Front Band Length: .100” (for Lee Factory Crimp Die to accommodate 2.085"-2.105" cases)
Nose Length: .500”

Crimp Groove [Y/N]: No
Bore Riding Dia.: .452”

Bore Riding Length: approx. .050”
Meplat Dia.:

Meplat %: 70%
Bullet length: determined by design
Base [chamfered, Gas Chk, Plain, other]: Plain
Groove to Band Length Ratio: approx. 0.7
Equal Length Bands: Yes
Bullet Nose Design: Bore Riding Tangential Ogive
Mould Material: Iron or ?

As with any new design endeavors, I can appreciate the customer is not always right. I look forward to your learned advice & proposal.

Best regards,

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Go to Accurate Molds. I hear nothing but good about them and their turn around time. ------ Tell him what you need and what your shooting and he can help you with your needs. Be sure to get a Wide Flat Nose style!!!!!!!! I think your bullet weight is good. But would not be afraid to go a bit heavier. I use a 465gr at 1650fps and it is awesome on deer and elk. ----------- No need to add the tin to the WW, as it is just extra cost with little gain. My alloy is 50/50 WW/lead as per the recommendation of my mold maker, and this would be a bit softer then the WW except for the fact that my bullets, again at the recommendation of the mold maker, are quenched in cold water as they drop from the mold. I also like 4 cavity molds! Proper casting, will cast great bullets with just plain WW ----------- Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

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Yer doin' yer homework there mister. I may disagree (in thousandths of an inch) here and there, but you are showing me there is still plenty of room for improvement in that 140 year old cartridge. AC

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Check out the 460430V mold at accurate molds. It is what my boolits are made from. Tom can redesign it with a flat base like my 460405V mold.

They are awesome molds that make great boolits as attested to by members here. Since I am not casting at the momment I am hoping more people want to get into the hobby.


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Are you stuck on a 425gr bullet? I just "found" the Lyman 475gr "Parker Hale" bullet. FP, plain base with enough square-bottom lube grooves (six lube grooves and one crimping groove) to tumble or pan lube, and a large crimping groove.


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You might want to look around for a Ranch Dog 460-425 RF. Ranch Dog designed it specifically for the 1895 Guide Gun. It might not meet all of your specfic specs, but it just plain works. It is a gas check design, but works fine without a GC at reasonable velocities. If you ever want to rattle your bones, put a GC on and run it out to 1820 fps. You can check over at castboolits several makers sell copies of the RD designs plus just about anything else you could want.

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