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Recently, a forum friend asked to see some of my hunting pics - pretty usual stuff. While looking for those, however, I found this.

Several years ago, my closest friend was a rancher and I helped him occasionally. One of his outbuildings had been lined with galvanized metal and was used to store rolled oats for the calves. The metal lining kept the mice out, but as well you can imagine, the squirrels soon found a way in. Chewed a hole on the top corner of the door.

My friend went to the building one morning to fill his pickup box with oats, and hearing us about to open the door, they bailed out and beat feet for the nearest tree.

Over dinner, we discussed what to do about it, and I happened to spot a dip net among his fishing gear.

Yep! We took turns pounding on the side of the shed and snagging squills. You want to talk about funny! The sequence of events usually went something like: *sneak, sneak, sneak* BAM BAM BAM!!! Chirk!! :shock: * scratch, scrabble* Leap! Snag! Hee hee hee!! It took a little practice to catch one, but there were lots of opportunities. You couldn't hold the net up where they could see it, or they wouldn't jump.

It was so funny, we never did kill any. We would dump them out, & they would beat it up a cottonwood to trace our ancestry back to a diseased amoeba. I wound up buying him 3 or 4 dip nets as the squills were a little hard on them, and they finally wised up a little - they would hear the front door slam, out they would go. He also put a lot of tin around the door & that helped, too.

I suppose something that much fun had to be illegal, but the statute of limitations has long since expired. Oh, the dumb stuff you do for amusement! SW

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