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Mystery 22

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Last November I went to a gunshow. Among other things, I saw a neat little 22 rifle with a pencil-thin barrel and a stock which retracted inwards in the same manner as HKs. It seemed extremely lightweight. I wrote than brand and model down, looked up the company's website, threw the paper away, and forgot about it. All I remember is that the maker's name started with an 'M' (I think). Can anyone tell me who makes it and what it's called?

BTW, I know this sounds impossible, but it's more probable for someone to come up with the answer than it is for me to remember it myself. ::) Whoever can tell me what it is will become my offical hero of the day... ;)
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Fast Frank said:
Yep, that's it. Didn't start with an 'M', but... Thanks for finding it for me. :)
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