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Well, we're going Mule Deer hunting and he can choose which one to use.... the 336cc 30-30 with 170-gr corelocks or my 336cs .35 Remington with 200-gr corelocks :roll:

I told him, its his choice... I am trying to encourage him to use my .35 Remington though.

They shoot about the same. I'd go for the .35 myself, just because bigger holes bleed more.

I have seen the old .30-30 open up some impressive wounds though.

There's no doubt that either one could kill a mule deer, but what ranges are you taking your shots at?

Mulies are easy to jump early in the season before they get spooky, but later on it's possible that you could need a little more "reach out" to touch 'em.

You hunting forest or or open country and canyons?

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