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My Nov. 2011 buck w/ bow

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This will be a thread in progress with scouting camera pictures through the Summer and try to kill this buck.

This buck will be 6.5-7.5 years old come Fall of 2011.

The trail camera picture of him is from Dec 2009

The sheds in the 2nd picture are from closest to farthest away, his left side from 2010, 2009 and 2007. His 2 year old rack would been 12 points, if that is his 2 year old rack and not his 3, thats what throws me for his age. So he will for sure be 6.5 with it possible to be 7.5

His best rack that I know of is his 2009 rack in the pictures, though i havn't found his 2008 sheds yet, still looking. He has a nice body for here but never did make out of the 130's, always carrys those forked points, I hope this year for something really messed up with drops and kickers and stickers and who knows ;D

Also interesting to note that he carrys over every year with holes in his tines at the same spots, some folks claim parasites do these, looks genetic?

This buck roams public hunting grounds in an area where poaching by spotlight is common, hard to believe he has made it over the years. I've never hunted him but have seen him in late Winter and will hunt for him this year.

I think I might have the other side to his smallest rack in the picture, it had 5 points. The other 2 sides havn't been found as far as I know.

Doc, you have any hunts where you or someone you know has killed a buck this old. I would imagine he would be as easy to kill in the rut as would a 4.5 or 5.5 year old. Like thats easy ;D

I'll also take some pictures of the area I'll hunt him from a distance and show my ambush spot ;) ;D
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Sorry I didn't get the info. I've been too preoccupied by my current crop of hog issues. ;D
Don't know if this one made it. He is 3.5. Many folks would shoot him even in his current smallish condition:

Same with this one. I did draw down on him. Fairly big buck.

Nearly shot this one and I'm glad I didn't. He is still only 3.5 and has potential. He has a sticker or two.

This one has rumors going on about him. He is the one i've tried for 2 years to get. He has to be 7.5 this coming year as well...

2010 pic. rumor is he was run over????

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Yea man Doc, I love them tall brows on that one. Have you tried to recover any sheds from your place or any neighbors that will let you have a look? I would for sure draw back on any them fine looking funky racks you posted!! Which ones did you get to see while hunting, what time of day?
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Nice racks! The sheds are found with tires. :'( ;D
Wow very nice dandies there!!
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