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My New Marlin 60

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I think I have Marlinitis! Does two sweet looking Marlins in 60 days qualify? After picking up a Golden 39AS in late January, I thought a Model 60 would make a great addition to the family. After searching the auction sites and having been outbid for a couple of rifles, I began to search the LG and pawn shops. I found several Glenfields and 60s, but they were in really rough shape and they were asking $160 - $190 for them. Yesterday, on the way to the range, I made one last stop at a gun & pawn shop in the next town and found this little beauty. A 60 manufactured in 2005 that is in great shape. She doesn't look like she has been shot very often and cosmetically and functionally she fits the description of a "closet queen." The bore is bright and shiney, the bluing appears to be at least 95% and there are just a few handing marks on the wood. She cleaned up well. They wanted $170, but I negotiated a price of $125 without a scope. The Simmons, 22 MAG, Model# 511039, 3-9x32 was added, mounted and bore sighted for $50. I can't wait to get her to the range to see if she shoots as well as the 39AS. Here's a picture of the family before any more additions.

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