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My new Lo Pro w/ factory front sight

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My old Glenfield was sighted in and hitting about dead on elevation-wise with the factory front and rear sights, however the rear sight was on the highest elevator setting which is somewhat unstable. It has been this way for some time now and I just didn't like it. I'm also not that great with the factory irons but hate the way a scope ruins a lever gun.

I emailed back and forth with Andy and he set me up with a Lo Pro sight. I screwed it in the rear-most scope hole on the receiver and looked through it. Surprisingly I could see that I was perfectly lined up with my rear and front sight so I just popped the elevator out of the rear sight letting it lay flat. It dropped low enough to be completely out of line of sight with the peep.

I went out and shot a box of Federal 170gr and was shocked at the results. I'm not really a rifleman and was grouping about a paper plate size at 65 yards with the factory sights. With the Skinner peep I immediately was grouping about soda can size groups at the same distance.

I couldn't be happier with the customer service, quality of product, and improved shooting with the Skinner Sight. Thanks again Andy!

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Great pictures ! Glad it zeroed right in and increased your accuracy!

Hey Fellers. Fun aint it? ;D

For a very simple, usable sight, I think they are heard to beat. I had one on an 1894C.
I guess it helps out when you can see TWICE as much of your target. ;D

I'm sort of mad that I waited this long to try the Skinner peep out. I feel a whole lot more comfortable taking longer shots on animals now.
grizzlyblake said:
I guess it helps out when you can see TWICE as much of your target. ;D

I'm sort of mad that I waited this long to try the Skinner peep out. I feel a whole lot more comfortable taking longer shots on animals now.

This is a Marlin Owners forum, but general shooting information and topics are discussed here also!

Anyone who has been through Military training or shot Competition High Power knows the accuracy potential of the aperture "PEEP" sight when combined with a fairly narrow post front sight. Lever guns are wonderful and some of them possess the ballistics and kenetic energy to make clean kills at longer ranges. When we add SKINNER APERTURE Sights to other action designs (bolt, single shot, semi autos) that allow for larger calibers and flatter ballistics the potential hunting range increases. For example, we fit skinner sights to a Browning Highwall chambered in 25-06, shot Barnes Bullets, for a combination that allowed a point blank hold (+ or - 3" ) out to over 300 yards. Accuracy was within a 1" group center to center at 100 yards with the aperture sights.

Every shooter / hunter needs to know his own effective range with any given combination of gun and ammunition.

Currently I'm working on a Winchester Mod. 70 in 270 WSM that is fitted with Skinner Sights. The rear sight models other skinner sights in that it is simple, low, rugged, and fully adjustable while maintaining minimum bulk. (its really slick actually)

Front sight is a standard screw on ramp with a narrow (.040") patridge blade.

Other SKINNER SIGHT combinations we are currently testing include:

CZ 527 on two rifles: Both Carbines in .223 and 7.62 X 39. (These are amazing and great shooting little rifles that weigh less than 6 lbs.
(By using great aperture sights we keep them at under 6 lbs and the accuracy is excellent)

H & R Handy Rifle / NEF: We actually have two sights for this rifle in production and are shipping (although not added to yet)
These sights are perfect choices for the Handy Rifle and are crafted from Solid Steel, Brass, or Stainless.

Thompson Center Contender and Encore: Modeling our 1894 Marlin Sight, these are rugged and slick looking sights. Fully adjustable for windage and elevation, also carved from solid Steel, Brass, or Stainless, we are really excited about this sight. I've been a TC shooter since the mid 70's and this is the most simple, rugged TC Sight I have ever used. If you have a TC Contender Carbine or Encore and want to keep the weight and bulk to a minimum, the aperture sight affords the accuracy needed in the most compact package available.

CHIPMUNK and CRICKETT: Although these rifles come from the factory with an aperture sight, something about the sight lacked "elegance" and the option of interchangeable apertures. I have a working prototype mounted on a CHIPMUNK and have replaced the plastic front sight with a one piece ramp, front sight combination If you havent tried a CHIPMUNK these are fun and very accurate rifles. They make a "Baracuda" type model in 17 HMR with a thumbhole stock and its only about 2' long. Mine shoots into 1" at 100 yards making it a really neat little varmint rifle.

Keeping it simple....
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