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My first Ride of 2023

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First ride of 2023 today. 50+ degrees, no snow or ice on the road, sunny and beautiful blue skies! Just put about 40 miles on it on one of my favorite local roads along the Columbia River.

2009 Suzuki DL 650 that I bought new in 2010. It's still looking and running just fine. Still think it's a goofy looking bike but it's comfortable and capable:

The owner has aged more than the bike since 2010:

Smiling from ear to ear right now. Riding will do that for me almost every time. :)

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I have a V-strom 1000 2014. Best thing is you can't see it while riding it. However it's one of the best all round bikes I've ever ridden in 54 years. Love the torque and handling in the hills and corners. Ride it more then the ST1300. Plus I can run 2 track and gravel roads no problem. Way underrated bikes IMHO.
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