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So after several months or reading, researching, watching tutorials, reading and then reading some more; I finally bit the bullet (pun intended) and tried my first reloads.

In Australia, we're a little more restricted for powder choice than in the US, but decided on Benchmark 2 from ADI which is pretty much our version of IMR 3031. ADI recommends a minimum 55gr but being cautious, I decided to start at 53. From there I worked up to 54, 55, 56 and finally 57gr. (58.5 is max.) I used 5 x Speer 400gr and 5 x Woodleigh 400gr for each charge. I actually found the Woodleigh would not fit at 57gr as it was already well compressed at 56gr. The Speer just fit in nicely.

The bottom end was... well... ordinary to say the least. Several inches. However I found that as I went up, the groups started to close. By 56gr, I'd got them to about 2" which was still not where I wanted to be. I decided to try the last 5 Speer at 57gr and the attached pic is the result. I was pretty happy with that as my first ever attempt at reloading.

I must say there were many, many threads in this forum that helped me in my research. So many questions that people have asked and been answered... all of which were another piece of the puzzle. Thanks to all who contribute. :)

And if one day you are reading this and wondering if you should reload... do it! There's something extremely satisfying about doing it for yourself. I'm hooked now and look forward to developing my skills lots more over the years to come.



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