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Looks like you are in the zone far as shooting is concerned and have a very fine looking Marlin.

Two things I will say on your loading.

1. First case looks like the crimp is heavy compared to the others. That might be because that case is longer. Make sure they are all the same length, you will appreciate that later.

2. This is your first loading and my old geezer eyes thinks I see a slight bullet bulge in the cases with seated bullets. Nothing wrong with it, but if you are full length re sizing and bottoming out the die you may be sizing it too much. If I am seeing that bulge from the bullet, back off your sizing die a little. No need to have the case a lot smaller than the bullet that low in the case.

The 38-55 is a tapered case.

Cowboy dies are a better set of dies than I acquired with my 38-55 I had Lee dies which are made for .375Winchester/38-55 my first loads looked like some one inserted a .40 cal bullet in the case.

Have a good day and enjoy that fine looking old timer.
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