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To assure that square bolt buddies get into this conversation, I pasted my response to the "Show me your Musket" thread posted elsewhere.
That thread was looking for someone with Marlin Musket examples, and to date our Marlin family has come up dry.

With acknowledgement that repro efforts will never be absolutely authentic without substantial investment, perhaps the project suggested below would still be of interest to a few folks.
Ok, gents you've spurred some interest...
I have a '93 with a 26 inch barrel now disassembled for gentle restoration and TLC.
The case coloring on the receiver is washed out, but the action is tight and functions well.
The barrel has some pits, but strong rifling, and pure patina exterior. If it's like other barrels of similar condition it may shoot pretty well.
Relining could be an option at a later date.
I'd really like to find an original butt stock in decent condition. The one I have is rough, as is the splinter forestock.
If there's a woodworker in our midst who would take on a musket style forestock project, we should talk.
It appears as though a standard barrel band at the midpoint, and a cup style non-barrel band at the muzzle end could be a reasonable approach.
Ladder sights could be had without much trouble.

The end result would be a reasonable replica, carefully and appropriately aged....It would lack the bayonet lug and maybe have a barrel length a little less than authentic, but it could be a sweet piece.

There you have it... I'm open for your thoughts and ideas.​

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I was thinking the same thing (altho at this point, my only 1893 is a SRC that I would not want to modify) and am keeping a lookout for a donor rifle. Sounds like you have a good candidate for the project. In looking at Brophy's book, there is an an old ad showing a 24" 30-30 as available. The production records only seem to show mostly 30" 32-40's as produced in the 1893 (also a few 30-30's and 2 38-55's.) As swany notes, some 1889's and 1894's were made up as muskets, too. It appears to use the standard carbine butt in the old ad, which should be not difficult to obtain. The forend will be the challenge, but am thinking maybe the easiest way might be splicing two together and covering the joint with the middle band (like Sako used to do with their Mannlichers.) Sounds like a fun project for an old retired guy (like me) with not much else to do. Pretty sure the AR guys at the range would gather around, too!:hmmmm:

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