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Hooked up the 5th wheeler on Wednesday the 3rd November to head for Elk Kamp. Everything all in order, all stuff packed, pickup repairs done, tank full of fuel etc.. Headed up alone...Son-in-law to come up later with load of mixed red fir and tamarac firewood. Got into about 5 inches fresh snow. Broke trail...yipee! First one in for Saturday spike only opener!

No one in our favorite camp ground. Turned into entrance of area and got stuck in hidden mud hole. Truck and 25 ft. 5th wheeler jack knifed.
Couldn't go forward or backward. Got out never used chains, shovel, handiman jack. Still early afternoon...2:30 PM. Jacked up passenger side rear tire, dug track to get out, chains too big! @!##$%^$#&! Got one on and used wire to tighten. Able to manuver and straighten out after about ten tries, digging, jacking, wiring, cussing....

Got back onto road, backed up, and was able to park trailer in good spot. Left pickup hooked up in case of more snow. Do the bug-out boogie if necessary. Now dark. Heat can of soup. Collapsed in bed. Woke up by pounding on trailer door. Son-in-law and Granson with load of wood. Dual axle self dumper. Said they would see me Friday night. Sounds good.

Another hunting buddy showed up from the coast early Friday. I cooked a combo of Elk and Deer burger sphaghetti sauce. Elk harvested by Granddaughter during 1st season with trusty .243, deer by me earlier, trusty 7 MM Mag. Son-in-Law and Grandson showed up for dinner and enjoyed roaring campfire.

Opening morning, having a small hunting group, split up for small drive which turned out to be longer than planned, Son-in-law & Grandson ran into a recent Cougar kill. Elk calf...mostly eaten, covered up with twigs, etc, eight foot circle around kill looked as though a garden rake had been used.

Somewhat discouraged as cougers have been picking off quite a few elk in area. Spotted two different sets of tracks, one small and the other a little scary. While ambling along spotted something alttle over a 100yds away. Too big for a deer! I lost sight of the critter, but judged about where I could see it again. I was about 25 yds off. It, very briefly passed through an open spot, and I could see one spike but not the other side. Very large for a spike. Didn't get a shot off. #$&*&*%$!

Cooked Dutch Oven Chili that night in the coals. Turned out great. Not so great in confined trailer.

Next morning must have run into 60 elk. Cows, calves, and BRANCH ANTLERED BULLS (spike season, naturally!) @##^$#*!

Going back to camp got run off the road by a gentleman who by all indications had drawn very heavily upon his camps supply of Jack Daniels. Had to mess around with the chains, shovel, jack etc.. again! @#$^&^$$!

That night had Dutch Oven elk swiss steak.

Next morning was a re-run of the previous morning. Cows, calves, BRANCH ANTLERED BULLS!

Next morning my hunting partner was curious why I gave the gentleman driving toward us the one finger salute.

More of the same. Couldn't we just shoot a 5 point and alter his antlers? Suggested my Grandson. Well I've considered it but it would be unethical, immoral, besides being illegall....and I never get away with anything anyhow!

Took a shower. Had deer burgers.

Had more of the same for the rest of the hunt. Got out okay.

Really looking forward to doing the same thing next year!
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