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I know a lot of us are regulars over at RFC and may have seen this, but I wanted to make sure that every Henry fan has.

A coffeetable style book is being put together with pictures of Henry Rifles and people shooting them to give to Mr. Imperato (President of Henry Repeating Arms) for his birthday this summer.

CitizenPatriot from RFC has volunteered to do the work for free. The only cost is going to be the actual production which is going to be taken care of.

There is no cost to participate!!!!

But we need pics of guy's Henry Rifles and people shooting them!!!!

Please send CitizenPatriot your pics!!!!!!

You don't have to be registered on RFC to participate!

Please check out this thread ... ost3488404 and send your pics to CitizenPatriot at [email protected] Send your pics with "Imperato" as the subject line.

I sincerely hope everybody will help out by sending some photos. Mr. Imperato is one of the great gentlemen in the gun business and this is an easy, cost free way for us all to say THANK YOU to him!

If anybody here has any concerns about sending an email to CitizenPatriot and thereby making your email known to him, please post your pics here and I will copy them and send them for you.

Thanks for your help!!!!


[2few asked me to post this here.]
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