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Most obnoxious cartridge?

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Seeing another thread with comments about the .327 brings this to mind...

Last summer at one of the local Ladies Pistol Shoots, I had the displeasure of being on the firing line adjacent to a gal and her RSO after she decided she wanted to try one of the Ruger SP101's chambered in .327 Federal.

I have fired full-tilt .357 Magnum loads from short barreled revolvers, been near a comp ported .357 Sig, and a host of other pretty loud chamberings in particularly loud pistols, but I don't think I ever felt a concussion quite I like felt coming from that .327 Fed fired from that SP101. I had the opportunity to put a few rounds down range with that revolver after the Ladies were finished up, prior to tearing down and cleaning up the range. It didn't sound or feel any better from behind the revolver than it did standing next to it.

I have to say, I believe that .327 Fed/SP101 combo is about the most obnoxious little turd I have ever been around - - as far as handguns go.

What is the most obnoxious cartridge/pistol combo any of you have felt (concussion wise), fired (sharp recoiling wise), or heard (ear-rending crack, close by)?
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A 30 carbine pistol. Not sure what the gun was but it was LOUD!
I was running the chronograph at an Area USPSA match years ago, during the brief period the 9x25 Dillon was popular in that sport. To see the readout screens of the two chronos we had set up in series, I had to stand behind and above the shooter, seemingly directly in line with the concussion from the ported raceguns. The 9x21's and .38 Supers were bad but the 9x25's would nearly take my muffs and cap off with each shot.

I ran in excess of 120 shooters through the chrono that day and I was a bit shell shocked by the end of it all...not to mention having a splitting headache. The 9x25's were just as obnoxious on the ranges and you could tell when a Leatham wannabe cut loose with one from several bays away.

A shooter was on the firing line about 20 feet to my right a few years back with an AR-type PISTOL..... yep, in .223 too! :eek: :p That thing rattled my fillings loose about as bad as anything I've ever heard..... about on par with a Browning M2 .50cal.

I didn't know that little .327 was so obnoxious. I have yet to see or hear one in person.
I once had a friend who liked shooting his T/C Contender in .45-70. He started his handloads at the max load for trapdoors, and worked up. A few grains up and the rear screws for his scope mounting rail sheared. Luckily, that's when he decided that he'd had enough - and so had I, standing behind him: LOUD!
I load 460 S&W for a friend, 44gr LilGun with a 300gr XTP. Shot 10 rounds from the covered bench testing. With ear plugs and muffs it gave me a headache for 2 days, and knocked phlegm from my lungs like when I used to smoke.
For me............the most concussion was a S&W revolver chambered for 22 Remington JET.........
The all around most obnoxious crack and muzzle blast is 357Mag 125grs...........I just don't like 357Mag anymore...............Although, my 10MM comes close with certain handloads.

Most enjoyable for me............22LR, 45ACP, 10MM(with target 1000FPS Target loads) and 45Colt............Yeah, I've gotten the 44Mag out of my system too..............

My 2 5/8" barreled Astra Terminator .44 mag is pretty obnoxious with full boogie loads.

.327 Federal? Haven't shot the factory stuff but my upper end handloads aren't too bad.

I'd have to agree that the Blackhawk in .30 Carbine with someone else shooting it next to you is real darn obnoxious!

Sellier and Bellot 12 g shotshells have a smell that makes me gag when fired. I can't understand why. It is the only munition I have ever run into that has that effect on me.


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+1 .30 carbine Blackhawk

A buddy of mine shot one out the window of a pick-up truck we were sitting in...I couldn't hear anything for hours.
when I fire my SW686 with 2 1/2" barrel at any indoor range, it kinda stops all action for about two minutes with folks going "What the H3ll was that?" John
I don't know that I'd call it obnoxious...but the 327 Federal IS loud! I'll agree to that...

I'd like to have one in a lever carbine though.
1) For horrible grip fit - a Desert Eagle - HATE it.

2) Loudest report - indoor range - 38 SPC dbl bbl derringer - thought it was a 454 Casull!

3) To shoot/hang on to - hands down - 500 S&W Magnum. Had a death grip on it (wife says I have Popeye forarms) and I damned near lost it when it fired. Shot it a couple more times and almost dropped it every shot.
454 Casull from a ported barrel.
I have a TC Contender in 375 JDJ. It has the worst recoil of anything I've tried to shoot. I usually see the guy's at the range scrambling for additional hearing protection after my first shot as well ;D... It is very load, has a lot of recoil, and a lot of concussion.
Earlier I posted about the 3.5" magnum 10 gauge I shot - once. I just remembered the Thomson-Center pistol in .45-70. Didn't want to shoot it again, either.
City Slicker said:
+1 .30 carbine Blackhawk

A buddy of mine shot one out the window of a pick-up truck we were sitting in...I couldn't hear anything for hours.
;D My ol' man did that once with his .357 carry gun (Houston cop). We were shooting jacks just outside Pecos from my uncle's pickup. Brother wounded one, and the ol' man gave it the finishing shot. Half hour later, it was "WHAT was that you said?" "Huh? You talking to me?"
I"m no stranger to nasty handguns having shot monster Contenders for 20+ years, but the S+W 500 was the first pistol to make me take two steps back.

I agree the Thompson Centers in what ever caliber you choose. I've heard many of them. I also dislike (intensly) the small bullet loadings from a 454 fired from a 4 inch ported revolver (Taurus). I felt the concussion 10 feet back and to the side and thought it was the second coming. Turn around and let the ports sound hit the bear as hit charges. No chance it'll advance. ??? ::) :p
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