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I recently installed one of WWG's Happy Triggers while waiting on delivery of my big loop lever. They are now having the levers produced by an external supplier and when I ordered mine they were out and waiting delivery. When they received their shipment I was contacted and asked if mine was a Marlin or Remlin and I told them Remlin. I was told good since that was what they got and the geometry on the end of the Remlins was different than the Marlins and that they would run every one of the new levers for Remlins through a 2013 Remlin.

I received the lever today and proceeded with the installation. The original lever worked and functioned as it should. I transfered the plunger and spring to the new big loop lever and tried it in the action. I found that to get the lever completely closed took a great deal of pressure or a very firm squeeze to get it closed and locked up. The same situation was present when I tried to open the action. It was very hard to open. I removed the plunger and polished it, reinserted it and tried it again. Very little, if any, difference in the pressure required. I removed the plunger and clipped a half of a loop off the spring. After reinserting it was slightly easier. After finally clipping 1 1/2 loops off, one half loop at a time the lever functioned acceptably.

During the time of cycling the lever and adjusting the plunger spring I noticed that while working the action the hook on the new lever wasn't releasing from the locking lug/block and hung slightly every time. It worked and the action functioned but during the cycle of the action there was a "hiccup" when the lever hook didn't release from the lug smoothly. Soooooo....after some polishing on the new lever the hiccup was gone and the action cycled smoothly. While I had the levers laying together with the two bolt holes lined up with a bolt, I noticed some very slight differences in some of the dimensions of the two levers.

Now that the new lever is in and the plunger is polished and the hook disengages properly the Remlin cycles almost like a Marlin. :biggrin:

While I was at it I continued to cycle the action checking all of the different steps where things could hang up. I had polished the bottom of the bolt earlier where it rides over the hammer but went no farther at that time. Now, under closer inspection I noticed some of the Remlin QC gremlins rearing their head. I notice that the hammer had a ridge along one side where it had been machined improperly.

I polished it up just enough to get rid of the ridge where it mattered and also to smooth the area where the bolt rides over the hammer.

The ridge on the hammer was starting to wear funny on the back of the bolt so after some more polishing the bolt was smooth. It was during this time that I noticed the right hand side of the hammer rubbed the slot in the back of the bolt every time it went forward. So......some more polishing and that problem became all smoothed out.

So, after all of that she now functions smoothly and all of the critical points of the action cycling seem to be as they should be. Now to give some thought to the Happy Trigger since, even though it did in fact lower the trigger pull from an average of 6# 12oz down to an average of 3# 4ozs, there is noticeable creep in the trigger pull and it may be a Happy Trigger but the trigger puller is not real happy at this point.

After getting back from bear hunting I noticed this little jewel awaiting me. Not sure yet what the exact problem is but my first thought is that maybe the forend is a tad too short, allowing the swivel cap to rotate slightly when supporting the weight of the gun when slung. If this turns out to be true then it looks like a little glass bedding is in my future to snug things up a little.
20140804_194508.jpg it a Remlin? Yup
Does it have some QC issues? Yup
Knowing what I know now would I have purchased it originally? Probably since it was the only one in captivity in my town.
Does it now function properly? Sure seems to and I've learned a ton about how the Marlin action functions.
I tend to fuss and worry over little things and want everything smooth and functioning as well as possible. I wonder how many more Remlins are floating around out there that people are accepting as is without digging deeper into what it should be?

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Thanks for sharing your experiences! Sorry you had to be the after-factory QC department, but it sounds like you have the expertise to correct the problems that have come up. I'm not very gifted mechanically, so your story just gives me more cause to find a gently used North Haven gun rather than buying a Remlin.
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