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more hornady info needed

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ok guys i need info on the 150 grain hornady interlock for the .30-06 and i need info on the 100 grain hornady interlock for the .25-06. thanks in advance for the help guys
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Of the two, I've only used the little 100 gr Hornady for the .25-06 rifle. It's a good bullet. Accurate. Tougher than folks might think. Easy to push it to 3300+ fps.

I'd go with H4350, same as I use most of the time with 100 gr .25-06 loads.
I load the 150 gr Interlock in my 30-06 using IMR-4064, and I load the 165 gr Interlock using H-4350. I think 4350 is a little too slow for the 150 gr bullets. I use the BTSP version of the bullets.
well basically these were free bullets from the hornady promotion. the only rifle powders i have on hand right now are reloader 22 and imr3031. (i reload the barnes 1--grain ttsx over 55.6 grains of reloader 22 with great success.) anyways having 100 of each i figured i should make good use of them by slinging them out a barrel. keep it coming guys i appreciate it.

also any recommendations on other powders good for these 2 rifles would be great.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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