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My cousin returned my Model 80 (1960) about 4 months ago....after having borrowed it in 1970 ("lost" for 44 years). It was in desperate need of restoration which I happily performed. It lacked its bolt and magazine that I replaced with luck and searching Ebay . I even added a vintage Marlin scope, but the crosshairs blocked out much of the center of the target. Today it wears a Leupold 3-9X40. Based upon the external condition Gun Rifle Firearm Trigger Shotgun
, I wondered how bad the bore would be. I understand that bores survive in much better condition than the external barrel. Here she is after restoration with the vintage scope: Gun Firearm Air gun Trigger Shooting sport
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Today I had a lot of time and was the only one at the range. I got to find out how she shoots without distraction. I shot these groups at 9X, metal stand support front, rear bag: Text Red Illustration Font Poster
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The receiver is held to the stock by a single bolt @ 25"/lbs (not bedded). I did find the center of balance between the barrel and receiver and bedded the stock there for support so the weight of the barrel doesn't torque on the receiver. The remainder of the barrel is free floated. My Dads Christmas present to me half a century ago is still giving me great pleasure. :biggrin:
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