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Model 60 trigger

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My (almost) new model 60 has some slop in it. Any way to get that out or is this normal for this model? Anyway to sweeten it up?
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There are several tutorials out there on how to do a trigger job. If you are just worried about slop i would go this route:

They make some nice products for the 60. I plan on getting the trigger and guard when i get the funds.
A bit OT but how many trigger-group parts are interchangable between the M60 and the M795?

Does this trigger fix anything but slop? My m60dlx has a terribly heavy trigger.
Depending on the rifle, the DP trigger will cure some to most of the trigger pre travel. To lighten the pull you will have to perform some or all of the trigger tricks listed on some of the forums. The Marlin semi-automatic forum on rimfirecentral has a sticky on trigger work. I was able to go from 6.5 lb pull to 4.5 lbs without doing anything special. Go slowly and enjoy the ride.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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