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I just got at 1976 Model 60 smooth stock. The stock is in pretty good shape with a few "push" dents that I think I can steam out. Most of the problem with the finish is where the Marlin finish looks like it has "chipped" off. There's no dent that I can see it just looks like the finished flaked off.

What I want to do is take it down to the bare wood, "pop" the grain and put the finish back on, but maybe not quite as dark as the original, but still a walnut-ish color. Definitely NOT yellow.

From previous projects I have.....

A lot of sandpaper and artificial steel wool
An unopened bottle of TransTint "Dark Walnut #6005"
Timber Mate woodfiller Walnut/Noyer
A spray can of Deft Lacquer Sanding Sealer

and a Home Depot down the road.

From other projects I know to strip the stock and get all the old finish off.
Steam the dents out,
Sand until smooth.

I have read about mixing up the TransTint with alcohol or water and applying a coat and then sanding back aways to reveal the grain, but I need suggestions on ratios of TransTint to alcohol or water.

Then how to get the finish coats to be evenly brown/dense.

It would be best if I could have a mixture (of something) I could apply in coats until it gets to the darkness I like, but I don't know what to use for this process.
I like Tru-oil but not the very glossy finish that I got on other projects.

What I want is to have the grain accented a little, but not to the point of being black and white, if you know what I mean.


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