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Model 39a

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My local Gunsmith has just confirmed that the old 39a .22 is mine just awaiting for my variation from our local police firearms licencing Dept.
Over in UK we have draconian and vindictive gun laws so I have to mess about filling in fresh forms and extra fees to have an addittional rifle.
Will take about 3-6 weeks .
The rifle has a T prefix on the serial number so I believe to be 51 years old .Needs a bit of work but I am looking forward to restoring this fine rifle .
Over here we have a population of 62 million but only 240,000 fire arms holders and about 720,000 shot gun holders and all pistols are banned apart from black powder and long barrel revolvers ie 14 inch barrell and over length of 24 inchs the only semi automatics allowed are .22 rimfire ie Ruger 10/22 types .No centre fire semi auto are allowed so its bolt or lever action or straight pull for military types ie M16 IE single shot hand recock
Best regards Mick
.44 New model army .36 Root Colt Ruger 10/22
Krico 260.22
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Welcome to marlinowners WR. The 39A will be well worth the wait.

The UK's gun laws are certainly ridiculous ::).

bigjeepman said:
Welcome to marlinowners WR. The 39A will be well worth the wait.

The UK's gun laws are certainly ridiculous ::).

Welcome from across the Pond, old chap. ;)

The US has got some pretty ridiculous gun laws, too: gotta be 18 to buy a long arm, 21 for a handgun, gotta pay a $200 tax for a silencer and machine gun (I do agree with the background check, though), gotta be 21 to own the above silencers and machine guns...oh, and here's a really dumb one: rifle must have a barrel length 16" or greater, but bullpups have only to be 26". Why can't we have a SBR in a 26"+ bullpup?
You blokes are a nicer lot of people compared to us Yanks

When our government tries to do what they did to you and the folks down under.
Im thinking there is going to be a whole different result
Welcome from Western Montana - USA!

Welcome. Never ben in England but passed the white cliffs a couple times. Our
ship caught fire in the channel. Had a lot of English boats that came out to help us. Fire was put out and we kept going. Your gun laws are terrible. Lot of our politicians would like our gun laws to be just like yours. Going to a gun show tomorrow. Mostly looking around. We have people from allover here. You could join them. Plenty of room left.
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