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Model 36 in 30/30

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Saw a model 36 made in 1941 on a classified websight. Thought I would tell the MO members about it. It's in S.W. Pa., rifle with 24" barrel in 30/30 for $995.00.. Number to call is 724-628-7146 ask for Steve. The gun looks nice. It's on
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I saw that one also, looks like a 36A,wonder why the bolt is so light? Pricey too.
What's so special about it that there wanting $995 for it?
He always has guns on the sight and always wants top dollar. I only put this on MO in case someone had to have one. Just trying to help out other members. What is the going rate for a 36A?
biggog said:
He always has guns on the sight and always wants top dollar. I only put this on MO in case someone had to have one. Just trying to help out other members. What is the going rate for a 36A?
For some reason, model 36's don't seem to get a lot of attention. It seems if someone wants a square bolt 30-30/38-55 they look to the 1936, 93, or 1893. For this reason, 36's don't seem to command high prices (certainly not $995!) In Canada, the average going rate for a 36RC (20" barrel, full mag) is $425. I don't see as many 36a's, but I'd shoot a guess that they'd go for about $500 tops. These are for your average good, used condition rifle. A deluxe version in top quality would fetch, I'd guess, an extra $100-$200.

They're nice rifles and I know one fellow up here who prefers them over the round-bolt 336's for the same reason that the closed action with the square bolt is better at keeping snow/mud out of the action.
There was a Model 36 advertised locally for $750 and I passed on it. It seemed kind of high to me but you never know, someone else may have thought it was a good price. I would like to have one but I will have to wait for the $400 to $500 range before I would consider it, Lonnie.
I have an absolutely beautiful 36A-DL for sale. I had it listed here last spring but no one was interested. If anyone is interested, I'll send pictures. I'll take $500. Let me know. Maybe I should ask $995!!!!!
I keep on telling folks I get lucky when I find a Marlin. This one had the stock bobbed and I did not pay what the tag says, got it for $175 OTD

Paid a small token for an after market stock which brought my cost to $250 but then it did come with that nice Lyman 56 strapped on and sighted in.

Top photo as purchased.

Bottom as restocked and fore end narrowed.


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Swany, I agree, you were lucky to get it at that price. It's about the finest lookin Marlin I've ever saw.
IMO, Marlin should of stuck with that style of buttstock... and I don't blame you for slimming the forarm.

Does it shoot?

Appreciate you showing that one.
Swany are you dating the fairy princess or spend a lot of time in church. You seem to have deals thrown at you. You are a lucky man.
Like I said I get lucky, yes it shoots really well. I shoot mostly plinkers and cast in it I have other guns to shoot high end loads and have come to really like the old 36.

Heres how well the whatevers smile on me, a friend came over one day said his friend needed money, had a 87 336 RC 30-30 with scope and sling in pristine shape, also a 56 Mountie also in pristine shape, he was asking $275 each, I asked if he would take $500 for the pair. One phone call later and they become mine. Went looking for a .22 got jerked around by the NICS crap so I picked up a local paper, seen two Marlin lever .22s for sale $225 and $250 went to see them one a 2003 39AS the other a 54 Mountie offered $400 for the pair he took it and threw in cases for them. But then I've had to pay for some other things to feed my lust for guns. ;D
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