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Model 336 C in 38/55

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I was talking to someone that works at Marlin today (higher up) and asked why Marlin diden't make a standard 336C in 38/55 ? He said he didn't know, but that Marlin has tried different things over the years. We then talked abought the new 32H&R Mag Cowboy. Anyway I thought , if that Cowboy gun will sell, why not a std. 336C in 38/55 ? They don't have to do anything to make it. Just use the parts thay have and make a std. 336C with a .38/55 bore. Not everyone wants to pay for a Cowboy rifle. And just maybe, maybe someone may want to Hunt with a 38/55!!! It is just to E-Z . The more Marlins in the more calibers the better. What do you think!! >>Tombstone
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I'm new to this site so I was going through some of the older "blogs" and came across your interest in making a .38-55, 336. I did this about 4 years ago by installing a Marlin .375 Win. Barrel and having it reamed out to .38-55 lenght. I also had a 1/2 magazine put on it. It is one hansome rifle and a good hunter. I use 34 gr of IMR 3031 behind a 255 gr. Barnes Original bullet for a chrongraphed 1700 fps.

I hope this was some help.

I have a 336C in 35REM laying aroaund. What would I need to do to change it to 38-55?
Northwoods - Either a new barrel or have that one re-bored and re-rifled.
This sounds great. Does anyone no a gunsmith that can do this and have a 38-55 round barrel?
I got all of the parts for a Marlin 336 .30-30 (Marlin Microgroove 375 Win Barrel, Half Magazine, and Forend with Cap) from Gun Parts Corp. I had a friend of mine who's is a very skilled gunsmith put it together. I suppose I could also shoot .375 Win Ammo in it too. I believe that Green River also makes a barrel that is threaded for Marlins. It's a poor man's .38-55.
Al Siegrest
Siegrest Gun & Machine Shop
8732 Turtle Road
Whittemore, Michigan

you wont be able to rechamber a .35 Rem-- the case is fatter than .38-55. You would do better to get a .30-30, except the barrel may be too thin at the muzzle. A .375 bore barrel blank may be your only option.
Numrich Gun Parts Corp is currently sold out of the .375 barrels. Yep, I looked... :oops: :wink:

This is a Model 336C I made into a 38/55 caliber. Al Siegrest in Whittemore, Michigan did the barrel work for me.

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djh said:

This is a Model 336C I made into a 38/55 caliber. Al Siegrest in Whittemore, Michigan did the barrel work for me.

Pretty gun until you get to that "thing" that's been allowed to crawl on top of it. :lol: :wink:

That "thing" thats been allowed to crawl on top makes this gun one of the the most accurate guns I have. It would not be with open sights.

Thanks, djh
Sorry Gun Parts is out of barrels Hobie.

Djh - Good lookin rifle.

It's worth the effort to make one.
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