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I was kind of dissappointed when Marlin went to the bigger bulkier 1895 receiver when they announced the forthcoming
( and not yet realized ) , .475 / .480 chambering .

I've read that the great pressure of the .475 Linebaugh , made even the stronger M1895 action / receiver , inadequate , --- and hence the delay in production .

I'm wondering now , if a .480 Ruger ( only ) , chambering would be possible in the more compact M 1894 --- ??

Or would the pressures , again , be too great for the design ??

It would be good if they could beef up the 1894 to take the .480 , --- that way we could have all of the advantages of a compact carbine , with high capacity in the magazine , --- and yet have more power than the .44 Mag. ( or warm .45 Long Colt ) .

--- And the concept of having a Rifle that would shoot a Handgun Cartridge would still be intact .

I would think that there would be a lot of market for such a Rifle . --- ( Guess otherwise , Marlin wouldn't have planned to build the .475 L. ) .

--- But (IMO) , they blew the whole concept when they went to a larger bulkier weapon ; --- ( hell , without the higher capacity , might as well go to the .444 , or .45-70 ) .

I wonder if the M94 could be strengthened enough somehow , to hold the .480 , and still stay within it's traditional dimensions ??

---------------- MMCOUGAR .

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Why we need more ?

I understand the winchester 94 did carry the 480 ruger for awhile but they did not sell.
The puma has done well with the 454C and now we have a 1/2 longer cartridge just out from S&W called the .460 . It is a 454 Mag . It will fire the 45 colt and the 454 C. Operating pressure 6500 PSI.
Now I wonder who can heat treat a lever to take on that one.
Now I really wonder if we need all that powder in a pistol case and shoot it in a lever action rifle?
We got the 325WSM in the BLR. So why are we no longer happy with the 44 Mag and 45 colt in the Marlin 94. It sure is more than our forfathers had with the 44/40 down to the 25/20?
I would be happy with that one.

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Up until a few days ago, (today?), they showed as available from Wal-Mart. I was just about ready to place an order for one. I figured that the SAAMI pressures were too high for the action, but the handloads I wanted to use would be below 38,000 psi, probably well lower.
The reason I was attracted was the large meplat. Was thinking of loading the 480, Lee 325 grain rf, as starting loads in that were as much as I wanted. Was also thinking of trying case capacity loads of 4198 in the .475 for a light load. What held me up was thinking and rethinking the various load options, not much data available.
Seems that is no longer an option, same with the 336 CB in 38-55.
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