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Model 1894 25-20 Pricing

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A close friend has a new-in-box 94 in .25-20. (CL??) Half-magazine, and he says it is some sort of "commemerative" edition. I saw it once, and if I remember right, it has a medallion on the buttstock.. (I can't remember what the medallion said). I think the gun is about 4-6 years old. I'm in the market for a .25-20, and the only thing I don't care for on that gun is the very tall front sight. Dovetailed directly into the barrel. Relatively short, round barrel.
Does anybody know (with my crappy info) what this gun is, and approximately what a fair offer would be? He's on the other side of the state, but I think I'll get another look at it in the next couple weeks.
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It is probably a Ducks Unlimited model. You are probably looking at around $600
Sounds like your friend has a 1894 CL (clasic) 25-20.
I have one with "Ducks Unlimited Special Edition" emblem but there is also some with "NRA Special Edition" emblem.
You said only 4-6 years old? The info I found says they were made between 1989-1994? Mine was made in 1990.
For a fair offer? Don't have your friend check gunbroker. Hasn't been very many 1894CL's listed but a couple weeks ago one was at $755 with 12 hours to go and I did not see final price so sold for at least the $755. Right now there is one on there and with 8 days left is at $901 with 19 bids so far.
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