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Deebone, Can you confirm that your rifle actually says "MODEL 1893" or does it possibly say "Model 93"?

I don't claim to be an expert, but I look at a lot of Marlins and am trying to make sense of everything ;) It is my understanding the original models all include the "18" in the model
designation on the upper tang, and the later models were shortened to just the last 2 digits, maybe to drop the 18 since it probably looked outdated at that point in time... just like
someone nowadays saying their product is "state of the art 1999" would be something no one would want to buy in 2014 ;)

I just saw a Marlin "Model '94" at a local show over the weekend... the guy had $2000 on it and it was beat to hell and back. His tag claimed it was "FIRST YEAR PRODUCTION" as the
serial number was a low 4 digit serial. So basically this guy had a beat rifle made somewhere around WWI that he was selling as an antique and some poor sucker will probably buy
it thinking he is getting something rare :/

Also, I have seen a lot of early rifles with "for Blackpowder Only" on them, so can you tell me why you are linking that to being made in the 1905+ time period?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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