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Middle Tennessee man looking for any kind of farmwork, will commute.

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Middle Tennessee man here, looking for any kind of farming or related work. I like being outdoors, and I like physical work. I don't care what it is, I will shovel sh*t, I will milk cows, I will plow fields, whatever work needs to be done on the farm. I'll work SOD farms too. I just like the open country and the hard work. If you need any kind of work that is out in the open country, please send me a message so we can talk. I'm 24, and able and willing to do good physical work. Just looking for something honest. Thank you for reading.
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Sad to see that in 2 months not one reply. Good luck my friend and hope all goes well for you. Sorry that I live so far away and am in no position to help.

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Right now there are numerous openings in Kentuckys tobacco industry . . there's adds in our local newspaper every week . . jobs are through the unemployment office.
Have you found anything yet? I'm not far from you. I'll ask some farmers I know and see if I can get any leads.
We have a fruit and vegetable farm in Western Kentucky. We could use good farm help. Please send us a private message here if you think that this is something you would be interested in. Thank you!
Turf farm in west TN will be hiring in March if interested
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