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Micro-stamping represents one of a number of De jour gun crime "solutions" being pushed by the anti-gun Left. As with other things - they rarely work in the real world. Case in point - for years NYS had a "spent case database" that also had been touted as being useful for "fighting crime". It was in place for years at the cost of millions of dollars. Guess how many crimes were solved using this database!! Eventually it was simply discarded. Micro-stamping will be no different because in the real world - "guns change hands". The guns that criminals use are all to often bought by straw dealers or simply stolen. This means that having a firearm micro-stamped will only lead you to the "original purchaser" who frequently is not the real end user - assuming they don't simply swap out the firing pin which would become a "registered item" not unlike a serial numbered reciever. Micro-stamping would simply be a step towards greater levels of gun regulation for the reason I just noted. For things like this to work you must be able to "control the possession" of the firearm which means regulate who it is sold to, have them in a database, and then prevent them from otherwise selling or transferring the firearm outside of the system so that it can be traced back to the actual owner should it be used in crime. It is "the camel's nose under the tent". :hmmmm:
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