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You may have noticed something new in the Heads Up! forum when you logged on; it's at the beginning of the forums index where
the Admin. Notes are.
There is a new forum called MarlinOwners Wishes. It will work basically like the other forums as for as posting and reading.

The wishes for the day will be posted in a thread probably called Today's Wishes that will be located where it now says "under construction". If anyone would like to post their own personal wishes
to the recipient AFTER the main wish has been posted, you may
do so just as you post to other threads or topics on the board.
Please do not use this forum to notify me of wishes that need to
be made!

Use the Wishes Request form and send the info to me by PM (personal message), please.

Already, there is a revised copy of the blank Wishes Request form
posted in MarlinOwners Wishes forum under a separate topic; you'll see it.
Also, in another topic thread, you'll find directions on how to copy and paste the Wishes form to the PM form as requested.

Please keep sending in your info. Thanks!

Annabelle :)
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