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Marlinitis has struck and it's name is 336 Octogon 30-30

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I have been stalking a 336 Octagon for a month now. It is very clean, but, the factory sights have been removed front and rear, the rear blanked, and a Williams receiver sight with (I believe) a Williams front post fitted into the dovetail. Wood, fit, and finish is nice, but, the price is high. I have a 2009 336 C that I could offer up in trade, but, I really want to keep it too (it is nothing special and doesn't really shoot well so far, but, it was the first NEW 30-30 I ever bought).

The seller is priced a little high on the gun and says it's because of the custom sights. I have tried to suggest that he keep the williams sights, but, that isn't working either.

I want this gun (I am afraid I am too bitten too recover). I would like opinions on the 336 Octagon. Were they shooters? The 22 inch octagon barrel balances nicely and the gun is very quick to the shoulder. ARRRRGH, I am so glad that my wife can't read my mind. She doesn't understand that a man can't have too many Marlins. Thanks and sorry for the rant. rc
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Whats he asking for the octagon?
He is asking 725.00. I know it's too much, but, I may buy it anyway. I have walked away twice, but am already planning my next encounter in 10 days. That is a bad sign when I know it's wrong but, want to do it anyway. Is that marlinitis? I am 60 years old and know better. I buy carefully, but, I have a 45-70 ss gg, an 1894 44 mag cowboy limited with matching vaquero, 336 30-30, 336 35 Remington. I really DON'T need the Octogon. I should trade off or sell something if I were to do this. I want them all.... ;D (and the rant goes on). thanks rc
I had one that was scary accurate. I traded it for Rem 141 .35 rem that was just as accurate. I think the price is steep, but, there are not that many around. I suggest you get it, as they are handier than the Cowboy, and just as interesting. The one I had shot everything from 125 sierra;s to 170 corlokts (handloads) into itty bitty groups at 100! And yes, it's called Marlinitis!
RHOUSER-If the Octagon is in real nice shape and you want it I would get it. ;D I would rather pay a "little more" for something I really want rather than get a "good deal" on something I don't want. :eek: In a year from now you will be glad you got it. I don't feel that price is out of line because they are scarce rifles. You could recoup some of your money back selling the sights but you might find you like them too. I had a 336 Octagon I bought off a member here and was never happy with the condition so it got sold to a friend of mine FTF. It was used pretty hard but was the smoothest 336 that I worked a lever on till I got a Marlin 336 Conversion that was slicked up about a month ago. My buddy said the Octagon shoots great. They handle pretty nice and hold well. I still have a 336 Zane Grey which is pretty much the same rifle and it is staying here. :D So the Octagon might be "script" for your Marlinitis till something else flares it up. ;D Good luck with your decision.
You're 60 years old. Consider it #1 on your bucket list or something. Pick it up and enjoy it while you can, don't let it get away. The price isn't that far out of line - have you priced new 1894s lately?
Buy it and enjoy using it. The money you spend on it will be forgotten and the pleasure will last. That said if you decide you don't want it leave me know where it's at and I'll enjoy it.
If it's worth it to ya, grab it. Ain't nonw of us getting younger ;D
Here's my recent find of the same rifle - it is one of the rarest 336 configurations EVER manufactured, and in the top 25 of rarest factory configurations of all Marlin models ever produced. Have not shot it yet, but very fine balance in the hand. Not a hint of discoloration on the bolt, no marks on the loading gate, and a pristine bore make me think this has rarely, if ever, been fired since leaving the factory.

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Oh Boy Gewehr you put the pressure on him now ;D
Lay 6 $100.00 bills on the table and see what he says. Have 2 more $50's as back up. He just may take it. Good luck.
biggog said:
Lay 6 $100.00 bills on the table and see what he says. Have 2 more $50's as back up. He just may take it. Good luck.
that sounds like a good plan right there....yep...gotta let us know what happened.
that sure is PRETTY :eek:
Buy it. Seriously, no offense but, you're like retired and stuff. Lay out the $600 and see. Buy it either way if you really want it. You can sell the sights and get factory sights to replace it.
If you can swing the money (without too much pain,) buy it, enjoy it AND know the price will only go up.

Having severe cases of MARLIN-ITIS and Original Size VAQUERO-ITIS, I sympathize with you. I scored a 336A (24 inch barrel, half magazine) and an Original Size BISLEY VAQUERO in 357...had some overtime money and liquidated my personal savings to get them.

Don't sell/trade your other guns. Everything I've traded over the last ten years has been regretted.
Ohhhhh boy, them pics made my knees weak! Good thing I'm sittin. :eek:

Good thing my Marlins are put away, that wasn't a loaded round in my pocket... :p

They wouldn't be speaking to me for weeks!

Good luck on that purchase! Report back soon!
Ok, I will have another shot at the rifle in about 2 weeks. Now I wish I had just paid the "butchers bill" last weekend. Marlinitis lives. I'll post an outcome, but for the next two weeks, I just have to wait it out. :) Thanks to all. rc
This is my favorite 336. I also had an 1894 Octagon in .44 Mag once upon a time. I did not realize what I had at the time, someone offered a good deal of money, and I took it. Later realized that it could not easily be replaced. so it goes. If and when I see another .44 Octagon, I will likely give a little too much for it. I do not recall the exact production on the 336 O., but seems like it was less than 2500. Best wishes, Jack

Those absolutely gorgeous Octagon pics not only made my knees weak but my fingers clenched, my heart palpitated, my eyes popped out, my wallet vibrated and my gut rumbled. ;D ;D

Mercy, I feel like my Marlinitis is flaring up big time! Either that or I'm having a seizure of some kind. ;D ;D
That sure is a nice one! Had me droolin all over this laptop. :p Had to go down and dig some of my Marlins out and shoulder em then wipe em down and put em away. Still need a napkin. ;D DP
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