This Marlin 1893 in .30-30 is a solid rifle with a 26" octagon barrel and is a good shooter with good rifling for it's age. It was born in 1904, but has a very good finish overall and probably refinished sometime in the past. The barrel is rated for smokeless powder, so it's good for current loads. I used Unique power and it shot and functioned well. The rifling is decent but not "shiny". It has the original Rocky Mountain sites and the wood and metal are in very good condition. There is some shrinkage in the wood, possibly from over sanding when it was refinished, but nothing loose. Overall, it's a beautiful rifle and fun to shoot.

$950 plus shipping in a hard case and insurance.

The first "I'll take it" buys it and send me a PM so we can discuss. Shipping and insurance extra.