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Marlin vs. Remlin

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Hey guys and gals

Just curious, I think I found an original factory Marlin 1895 Cowboy. The serial number begins with 91, but what are the other signs that it is an original Marlin?
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A JM stamped on the barrel should be a good indication. You can subtract the first 2 numbers of the serial number from 100 to get the year of birth. I am not sure when remi took over but I'm sure it'll be in the Rant forum. If I find it I'll let you know.
It would be a 2009 production, Remington done had their mitts in the soup by then. I also have a 2009 1895CB 45/70, all in all I have just one complaint and that is the action feels clunky, it's a good shooter and the fit/finish is nice. Remington got Marlin in December of 2007 and there you have it. If your rifle has REP on the right side of the barrel near the receiver it is a Marlin by Remington, there should be a mark as well on the left side also, a JM for John Marlin, some supplies did come from North Haven and were used in making some of the rifle out there. Seems the supplies are or have run out and the new ones have problems, you can read up about that in the Marlin Rant Forum. Mr fixit
^^That is the first I have heard of Remington taking over in 07 ??? The one I bought has a 91 serial number and a JM on the left side of the barrel...
You have a North Haven Marlin. Check out posts by Tomray
Well maybe they didn't have their teeth in Marlin just at the time, but definitely in the works. I was going to put the whole thing here, but you can read up on it . Mr fixit

From Marlin News website:
Mr. Fixit,
I have a 95cb from 2008. Initialy I had a problem with it jamming. Rounds became stuck as they were
feeding out of the magazine. I smoothed up the action as suggested on this site. This was very easy to do
and the result was that the jamming problem vanished and now that action is about the smoothest
slickest action I have ever had in a levergun. It could be that a few minutes of work on your rifle could
also make that clunky action into what it should be on such a rifle.
The first two numbers on my Guide Gun are 94 so I guess that makes it an '06. It also has JM on the left side of the barrel near the reciever. My action is pretty good but I'm going to slick it up a little.
ET, I fully plan on doing a bit of polishing here and there in all the right places, love the gun but do want that action smoother than possum grease! ;) ;D Mr fixit

Edit to add ...took me about 45 minutes of polishing here and there using Eli Chaps (Erik) post,,58735.0.html
for making the action slicker, may not be possum grease slick but it sure is a lot smoother and a whole lot less clunk!
Thanks Erik! Mr fixit
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