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There was a lot of talk on the old MT about how Marlin quality control had slipped in recent times. Now I know why.

I had started to install the scope rings on my new 917V when I noticed that the front base has no groove cut across it to enable me to mount the scope ring. I kinda wonder how they could have overlooked this little detail - and how many other people have experienced this - getting ready to enjoy a new rifle, only to find that the company screwed up in such a basic way.

Now I've got to call Marlin and wait to have them send out a replacement base, providing they haven't made all of them so defectively. In the meanwhile, if I want to use my new rifle any time soon, I'll probably have to go out and get a set of rings for grooved receivers - which won't be of much use to me when Marlin straightens out this latest screw up and sends me a proper base.

This is so frustrating!!!

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Hi Fla Brian.....

I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to bet the scope bases are a contract part.

It's unreasonable to think that Marlin will be able to maintain a 100% defect free product, but the question is......Will they adhere to a policy that will see to it that customer's satisfaction is more important than short range profit potential? I think they will, but let us know what their response to your problem is.

It's always frustrating to find defects in any product....I am no exception, either.



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I wouldn't be surprised, but before packing them in the little envelope, someone should have noticed the glaring defect and culled out that particular base.

From what I've read of Marlin customer service on the forums, I'm confident that they'll replace the defective part. I just hope the entire batch wasn't so defective, causing a delay in replacement. But, given all the machine tools at Marlin's disposal, I guess they could just cut a slot in another one for me and send it on over here.

I know that there will be an occasional defective product shipped by any company, but this defect was so visually obvious it's hard to believe that any conscientious inspector could let it leave the plant.

The trouble with Marlin is that they let too many defective products get out, causing more work for customer service and delays for the customer. It's nice that the complaints are resolved, but if they were more careful with their quality control, there'd be a whole lot fewer compaints to be resolved.

Tomorrow, first thing in the AM, I'll be giving them a call. I've got my fingers crossed on both hands in the meanwhile.

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Well, I just got off the line with Marlin customer service. It's a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that they'll be sending out a replacement base; the bad news is that it will take two weeks.

I guess it could be worse.
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