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Marlin Model 80

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Well, I'm new to the forum and looking for a little advice. I have a JC Higgins model 103.16 .22 rifle, which I have been able to cross-reference as a Marlin Model 80. It was my dad's when he was young, and he gave it to me about 15 years ago. I did have it cleaned at a local gunsmith 12 or so years ago and probably put 100 rounds through it at that time. Since then, it's pretty much collected dust. Anyway, I now want to start shooting it again. I'd like to clean it myself but don't have a manual or any experience cleaning firearms. Am I over my head, or is there a good resource to use for a newbie? I figured I'd ask here in case there is anything specific to this model that I should know ahead of time. Also, I think I'd eventually like to put a little scope on it, but the pre-drilled screws appear to be for a side-type mount (hope that makes sense). Do they make scopes for this type of mount anymore, or do I need some type of conversion mounts?

Any help is appreciated.
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Unless you are pretty much a kitchen table gunsmith I wouldn't go any further than remove the clip,remove the bolt,remove the takedown screws and lift the action out of the stock.You should be able to do a good cleaning from this point with a soft brush and maybe carburetor cleaner.Don't disassemble the bolt,just flush it good til the cleaner runs clear .Some of these old Marlin actions are put togather with rivits and E-clips that can be a mess to reassemble and some springs need a special jig to reinstall.

Please forgive me if I'v under estimated your ability,but after all,you ask.
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