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Welcome to MO

wonderful 39.
looks right as rain.
If i owned it, it would just not be for sale.
most of them were just used.....and show that in regards to the finish.

hate to place prices on things.

two similar 39's were at the Colorado Gun Collectors Show two years ago.
I was thinking maybe it was Steve Barnett that had them...prices were around $2650 and $2850 for each.
I was thinking at least one was them had an S or HS and came later than your rifle and one
them had similar coloring remaining (90% coverage, 40-60% vividness).

I remember thinking man thats a lot for a little marlin .22, but the truth is you just don't see them.

Last night a 39a (40's) b prefix gun went for $1510, with some minor marks in the wood (80-90% vividness on the case).

Last July I recall an excellent condition 39 selling for $2800...but I can't truthfull remember the age (prefix of lack there of).

So cautiously I would say...

$1950-2250 you will sell it.

$2250-$2600 you will hold it for a while, but will eventually sell it.

Don't know if this helps just an opinion, Lord knows no lack of those...
I think your best course of action is to acquire another....:tee:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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