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Marlin Model 27 pump action rifle

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OK guys, need a little help. Went to the gun shop today and as I was leaving, they ask me if I want to see this old Marlin. Of corse, how could I say no. Guy hands me a pump action 32-20 in original condition. I notice that it is a takedown model in pretty good shape. Bore is good, action works, stock is in tact and other than surface rust on the barrel and receiver and a good amount of wear and tear, not bad. The rifle was somebody's go to gun and has seen a lot of time in the field. That said I put my name on it for second refusal. They took it in yesterday and haven't gone over it to make sure it works or will come apart. The top of the receiver says smokeless powder, has an octagon barrel and the stock has the original crescent butt plate. Sights are original as far as I can tell. They have not yet priced it up for sale. What is it worth. Has anyone got one of these ? Appreciate any advice.

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I have two of em, one in 32-20 and a 25-20. Without seeing pictures and it's just got honest wear, works good with good bore I'll throw out $400.00
I just seen one sold for $400 last week at a gunshop and was on the shelf since November.
If ya find a real nice one I figure you can about double that price. They are very slick nice rifles, marbles still makes a tang sight to fit em. Nothing will ever be made to match the 27 and 27S.
I have one just like it - traded for it in Ft. Smith, Arkansas in 1978. It is wonderful! I have used it a lot over the years and it was my son's choice when he got to pick any of my guns on his 14th birthday. The .32-20 is easy and cheap to reload for and very accurate. :D

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That's one smart 14 year old, just make sure he keeps it as good ones are scarce.
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