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Marlin Model 120

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Just thought that i would post up some pics of My Marlin Model 120. My grandpa bought it brand new in 1972 and just recently gave it to me :). I've owned a couple of 870's a model 500, and an 1187 wingmaster and this is by far the best quality of any shotgun I've ever owned. Anyway, without further adieu...

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I bet being from Grandpa, that gun means more than any of the others you've ever purchased!
absolutely, and you should see the pattern it has at 50yds with buckshot out of that 30" full choked barrel lol. It also came with a nice kabar that he bought on the same day that is equally as heavy for it's size lol.
I used to have a Marlin 120 back in the earlhy 1980's. It was a well-made, good looking shotgun. It was my first shotgun, and my second centerfire. Took my first ducks, with it. I was invited to go deer hunting in western NY (shotgun only area), and did some range testing with slugs. I was impressed with the baseball-sized 5 shot groups I made at 50+ yards (plain jane Winchester foster 1 oz slugs) that hit point of aim with its fixed modified choke.

Overall It served me well. Wish I still had it. Good to see your picture. Nothing like forged/ milled, and blued steel guns with walnut stocks. The Marlin 120 was an underated shotgun-still is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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