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I just ripped down and cleaned up my original Marlin Micro Vue 4x scope in 40 minutes. The lenses were cloudy so I figured there was nothing to lose. The exterior lenses still show some sign of the coating failing ( nothing you can do there ), but oddly enough, the optics work pretty damn well ( although I'm still up for a new scope ).

Unscrew the bell ends off ( for me only one end came off - I left the other on ) - and the 'adjusment housing' w/ the the two adjsuters off via one screw.

The basic concept/visual is that the scope has a tube within the scope tube. This inside aluminum tube holds all the interior lenses in place and the brass adjuster - and must come out in one piece; lenses and all.

The key to removal took a while to figure out, but then it hit me: I used a ratchet socket on an 8" extension that would 'just slide' inside the scope tube's diameter - and let the socket slide in till it meets the inside tube snug. FIT IS THE KEY ! or you'll push through the inside tube's guts and ruin the whole damn thing. Check a few different socket diamters to check for fit - it must be just able to slide through the scope tube and rest on the edge of the inside tube -

Then, set the extension on a firm table and slowly push the extension through the scope tube, like a push-up pop, till the inside tube slides out ! Watch how it all comes out for re-assembly. I cleaned all with camera liquid and cloths lens cleaners - re-assembled - perfect !

Hope it helps someone!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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