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I have an XL7 and really like the gun. I have talked several of my friends into getting them since they came out.

I was looking at getting another XL7 and noticed some changes on three guns I looked at.

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that the safety had changed over the last month on the new production stainless rifles (possibly on the blue ones as well) from stainless to blue and that the trigger was stiff and gritty? I am very disappointed to see this on the these guns. I hope this is some kind of temporary production glitch. I don't know why Marlin would mess up a good thing by changing the pro-fire trigger system. Especially on a stainless model where one would buy a gun to deal with the elements. Really- a blue safety on a stainless steel gun? I can see it now- everything else on the gun is fine from being out in the weather and then the safety rusts! All the other earlier production marlins (blue and stainless) that i have seen have the stainless safety. I have sent two emails to Marlin over the last week and they have not responded- So now I am wondering what's up?

Do any of you guys have the older marlin xl7 stainless and does it have the stainless safety lever?

Thanks for any insight you guys might be able to give me on this issue.

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