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Marlin bolt action rimfires

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Looking at the new Marlin on line catalog I see that they don't include rimfire bolt actions. Is Marlin going to or have dropped the the bolt rimfire line? I was contemplating purchasing a .22 Mag clip loaded bolt, but it looks as though this may be out. Anyone have news on this?

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I bought a 982vs before Christmas and I'm glad I did. It was made before the buyout. You might shop the small dealers in your area that could very well have a couple on the back shelf as my man did. After following the rants on here, there is no way I would puchase a Marlin or a Rem. presently made. Good luck with your search. Quick
They are still there, but with a name change...XT
New model XTs are probably not available until May. They will have adjustable triggers and the varmint versions have heavy barrels. Sound interesting, but they will be Marlin branded Remingtons. Have to wait and see.
Hit the sporting goods stores and walmart get the wood versions before all gone if you want one
I'm going to order a XT-22 in .22WMR with the heavy barrel & box mag.

Then I'll wait for Boyd's to do a nice Thumbhole stock for it ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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