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Marlin 925's survive Youth Torture test at NRA "Youth Sportsfest" (pics)

As some of you may recall, our club purchased six Marlin 925 rifles to start up a youth shooting program. We had our first event this last Saturday, an NRA "Youth Sportsfest", where we opened up the range to youths age 8 -17, and offered them the opportunity to shoot Air Rilfe, .22 Rifle, 20 Gauge Shotgun Trap and Service Rifle for the older kids, 14 and up got to shoot AR-15's.

41 youth attended, and we expended 400 rounds of .223 through the AR-15's, 1650 rounds through the Marlin .22's, and 500 20 gauge shotshells. The weather was threatening, spritzing rain on and off, winds gusting to 45 MPH. The kids and instructors had a great time, the rifles held up fine, one kid score a 94 out of 100 on a 50 yard Smalbore Rifle Target, shooting from a rest. The rifles were accurate, not a single misfire from the Federal 550 bulk ammo, you can tell the Marlin 925 gives a firmer hit to the primer than other rifles, gauging from the firing pin dent.

At the end of the day, the rifles were filthy, covered in fine wind blown dust and pollen, they had been fired non stop from 9:00 AM till 2:30 PM. Not a single malfunction from any rifle. Great rifles!

Out of the 41 kids who attended, 12 signed up to participate in our .22 Rifle Team, we'll meet once a month to practice and get ready to compete against other youth teams.

Here's some pics:

Safety brief using Marlin 925:

Kids having fun with the Marlins:

Trophies awarded:

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