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As mentioned before, our club purchased five Marlin 925's to use a youth rifles, and I've been doing a good bit of shooting with one to get myself familiar with it, as I will be coaching this youth team.

What a great rifle! Super accurate with the plain post front, square notch rear sight, nice trigger. The rifle just "works", fits right, perfect weight (for me, anyway). Today I shot the Positions (Prone, Sitting and Offhand) with one, using a sling with the 925 for the first time. Scored one of the highest scores I have ever fired in my life, 60 rounds, scored a 570 out of 600 on a CMP Rimfire Sporter target. The rifle likes sling tension, unlike my CZ 452 which will string shots if you have a lot of sling tension.

This is from a $175 rifle! I tell you, my fellow Marlin enthusiasts, get one now while they are still out there! I see in the 2011 catalog, the 925 will no longer be offered, replaced by the 917? Maybe the 917 will be as good, maybe not, but I think I am going to my favorite gun store and put a couple more 925's on layaway....
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