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Glad to see the site back up...

I just picked up a used, but excellent 922M and have to say that it shoots great, even with the open sights.

Anybody else have one? Which ammo does yours like the best?

I was shooting CCI Maxi-Mag HPs and can't wait to get a scope on board to see what it will really do.

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I have had several 922m's.Two wouldn't group under 3" at 100 yards no matter what ammo I put through it.The last one I bought used at a gun show real cheep and it had the most wonderful piece of wood on it that I've ever seen on a marlin.It came with a 3-9x40 no name scope and it shot great.I could shoot a nickel at 100 yards with the green tip Remington ammo.I ended up trading it to a friend for his marlin collection.If I could get another one that will shoot good I'll keep it.
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