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Marlin 50 cal dart gun

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These are quite common in cattle country. They are used on ranches all over. They're used to tranqualize un-ruley cattle prior to transport or while the cattle are being given shots, etc.

These guns are actually 32 gauge or .51 caliber. They were also made by several other companies. I had one made by H&R for several years. Tranquilizer darts are still available in various stengths to knock down animals from mice to elephamts! Ed.
They are very handy on working cattle and wildlife.Pnu-Dart has disposable darts to tranquilize or medicate,take blood samples ect.,even a "Bear Scare" dart that when loaded with Pyrodex explodes on impact to chase off unwelcome wild life.
Though I have retired from cattle ranching,I'v kept my H&R one shooter and just last month helped my neighbor recapture three 75-80 pound escaped Rhea birds (South American ostrich) 100 yard shots are not un heard of with the H&R,I'm not familure with the Marlin
"Bear Scare"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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