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Marlin 338 discontinued?????

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Has Marlin, or now Remington, discontinued the 338? The reason I ask is because I saw one on Gunbroker for a price of $998 and it states that this gun will soon be a collectors item. They are still in the stores, where you can find them, for around $549. Is this just someone trying to get a premium price for his gun or is the 338 gone?
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I am pretty sure that is just one unscrew-pullous greedy individual using scare tactics to run up the prices of his auctions.
Gunbroker is never gonna slap somebodies wrist for charging too much. They make their money on final value fees. They are hoping that guy sells his rifle for $1000.00. Hell, they're hoping everyone gets twice what their guns are worth.
What was that commercial for a men's clothing store..."An educated consumer is our best customer".

People need to do their homework, because a lot of these gun dealers are not looking out for you, they're just looking for a quick buck.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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