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marlin 336cs just picked one up

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i just got a marlin 336cs 30-30 and its a great lookin gun payed 350 with a simons scope is that a fair price? I am new to guns my grandpa gave me a glenfield and i was hooked on the marlins after that. I have a twin so i gave him that one and got this one the the pistol grip what is the cs for i have looked a alot of marlins and seen alot of w, c,cs.Can any one tell me the diffrinies in the modles and maybe how to find out the age of my gun thank
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To find out more about your Marlin 336CS go to the Home Page and look for the "Reference Library". Topics include date of manufacture (usually by the Serial No.), differences in the 336 models, etc. Also on the home page look in the Gunsmithing area for guidance such as how to clean, disassemble, and fix various minor problems on a Marlin lever (if you ever have a problem). If you get into reloading you wil enjoy that Marlin even more. So have have a great time with a great rifle with a lot of history behind it!

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Its easy to get hooked on Marlins, especially with all the fine examples shown around here. Welcome to MO from Oklahoma!
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Brett, welcome to MO from central Florida. According to Brophy's book, pages 251-253 - The CS version was made since 1984. The designation changed from 336C to 336CS in 84 when the cross bolt safety was added.
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Hi bretts_336cs, I am from NE Florida near Jacksonville. This forum is very informative and friendly. Where are you from? Welcome Aboard.
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