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Navajo, I cannot express myself as to how excited I am about you having made and posted these videos. Informative videos like these are very valuable to a guy like me stuck out here on the tip of the dark continent. When I visited I had a glimpse of some of the possibilities, but time was against us/me to learn more. Remember that over here we do not have many Marlins or Marlin spares lying around, so whenever a Marlin project is tackled it must be with confidence and accuracy. One really has only one shot at getting it right.

Also, as I said before your instructions are crystal clear and your easy manner makes following the videos simple. Many thanks too to Adam (is it?) from RP whom obviously played a major role in this project.

Good job to both of you, fantastic! These are really of immense value.
Thanks again.

1 - 20 of 31 Posts