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I found a used (obviously) 30a for sale at a local gun store here in San Antonio. It seems to be in great condition. 20" barrel with the full tube mag. They have it listed for $370. This seems a little steep for a 30a. From what I have researched, the 30a was the low end of the spectrum of the 336 made for places like Western Auto and KMart. Am I correct in my assessment of the price? You can look at the gun here:

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Marlin 30A .30-30 Win. Used Gun Inv 119372

Marlin 30A .30-30 Win. Used Gun Inv 119372
Used Marlin 30A

Inventory #: 119372

Manufacturer: Marlin

Model: 30A

Price: $369.99

Quantity in Stock: 1

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This is a Marlin 30A lever action rifle chambered in .30-30 Win. It has a 20 in. barrel, tube magazine, post front sight, notch rear sight adjustable for elevation and smooth walnut furniture. A hammer extension has been added. The gun is in very good condition and is covered by Dury's Lifetime Warranty.

You are correct, it is a bit too high, and the model A and AS never were stocked in walnut, what is showing there is walnut STAINED birch. Nice looking rifle though. Mr fixit
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