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In preparation for attending the four day practical rifle course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada with my Marlin 336, in 30-30, I have changed out the laminate wood stock and forearmfor black synthetic ones made by Champion. These dropped the overall weight of the rifle by 9 ounces, and reducedthe length of pull by about 0.5 inch. Next, I decided to polish all the inner pieces and worked the actionhundreds of times to determine where the friction points were. I polished the bolt, andsear. Later I installed a reduced powermainspring. These changes made the riflevery easy to cycle and light to carry. Next I installed a setoff Williams Receiver Sights with the fiber opticfront. I could shoot very accuratelywith these. As good as the receiversights were, my eyes were not as good as they once were. I decided a scope was in order. I purchased a Weaver Scout Mount as I wantedto retain the receiver sight and have the scope as my primary means ofdirecting rounds on target. I installeda Leupold 1-4x28mm VX1 with the Pig Plex reticle. I took the rifle to the range with someHornady Lever Evolution ammo and it shot very well. I noticed though that the eye relief, whichwas 3-3 ¼ inches, combined with my wanting to have the rear receiver sight to remaininstalled was causing me to stretch to see the full view when the scope wasturned to anything but the 1x power setting. It was usable but not ideal.
I have since replaced the Leupold with a Leatherwood Hi-Lux ATR Long Eye Relief Scout Rifle Scope 2-7x 32mm. I mounted the scope in Leupold RiflemanRings on the Weaver Scout rail with the ocular lens where the chamber started.
Thischanged everything. I no longer had tostrain my neck to see the view through the scope. Whether on 2x or 7x, I could acquire a targetnaturally, seemingly as soon as I put the rifle to my shoulder. The first range session at 25 yards was acomplete success. The photo attached wasfired offhand at 25 yards with Winchester 150 Grain Power Points. Shooting was timed fire, first a single roundin five seconds and then two rounds in five seconds. The scope was set at 7x. No problem quickly and accurately shooting atclose range.
The course has a shooting test at targets from 3-200 yards. Most students will be using tactical rifles which are magazine fed. Anyone have recommendations on the best way to store ammo for quick reloads? I am considering a belt carried dump pouch but welcome any other suggestions. Anyone attended:) this coursewith a 336 in 30-30? Recommendationsappreciated.


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Hey O3,

Good project.

Saw a video of a LEO course at Gun Site, several years back.

An older Sheriff (looked to be about 50) used his Winny in 30-30, for the "rifle portion" of the course.

He had a leather bag (similar to a shotgun shell bag, or a carpenter's pouch) on his belt, positioned near his right hip. He loaded the rifle as he was walking to the "next" shooting bay.

The Winny looked to be older than me (LOL), and he used the Buck Horn sights. (to very good effect)

Think (not sure) that he was using a "N" Frame .357 Mag (M-27 or M-28) for the handgun stages.

He did very well (he did not "miss")! He walked the rifle portion (the youngsters were running), and kept his rifle "topped" off.

Wish I knew where to find the link to the vid! (think he was from Wyoming? Montana?) Do know it was shot at the Gun Site Facility (7 or 8 years ago?)

Later, Mark
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