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h-bomb said:
i've done a fair amount of hunting in idaho and have never been asked by any game warden how shells were in the gun. im not sayin they havent changed any laws so if there is a max capacity law in effect, simply putting a snap cap in the tube will most likely not cut it. youd have to plug it like you do a shotgun BEHIND the follower so it wasnt easily removed.
I Agree with H-Bomb. But again check with the proper authorities on this. But to be honest I do not honestly feel they will mess with a person with a Lever gun since they are pretty unobtrusive in there nature. Now if you were carrying some kind of Black Rifle with a Big Mag hanging from it or a Sniper looking rig also with a large Magazine then I am sure they will give you a second look or two lol.

I have found in the past with Game Wardens that they will give a hard look towards any type of Black Rifle or the sniper looking stuff. And ask some pretty straight questions about them and You lol.

But every time I have had a Lever Gun the Game Warden Always wants to look at it and ask all kinds of questions about the rifle lol. Maybe Lever Guns brings out the friendly side. Not sure
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