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Mag Tube Plug Question

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Is the mag plug screw threaded into the bottom of the barrel? Looking at the diagram in the owners manual it looks like it is but when I look at my 1894the it I don't see threads on the screw before it enters the hole in the underside of the barrel. I just received this from the factory repair a couple of weeks ago. I could try removing it, I thought I would ask first. The front band and screw was replaced at factory.
Thanks, Keith
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If I understand your question the answer is no. There is a slot in the barrel where the pin of the tube cap screw seats into to hold the tube centered under the barrel, but the actual female threads are part of the tube cap itself and the screw threads doesn't extend out of the tube.
Thanks eaglesnest! I was hoping that was the answer. I was thinking the screw passed through a unthreaded plug into a threaded hole in the barrel. The way you explained it makes much more sense.
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